Storm Lantern by Duncan Kidd

It only takes one voice to resist. Caught by the Nazis distributing forbidden leaflets, Sophie Scholl is facing the guillotine. Only one route remains: confession and betrayal of everything she stood for… but will she take it? What would you be willing to die for?

The first of our series of schools tours has just finished, Storm Lantern toured 16 Edinburgh Schools 19 September – 7th October where it was seen by 796 pupils, followed by a sold out Public Performance on Saturday 8th October 2022 at the Scottish Storytelling Centre.

Reviews: Corr Blimey ****

Storm Lantern‘ was a very atmospheric play which featured superb acting that helped deliver a truly tense production. Despite having to adapt to the space of each school they visit, Strange Town’s set, which is a prison with cells divided by a split stage, making the scenes easy to follow. There is a brilliant use of levels with atmospheric minimalist lighting and costume which is at points used for symbolism. This is an effective and engaging production which we thoroughly enjoyed.” – Pupil from Queensferry High School

Photo credit: Andy Catlin