Strange Town actors in Logan High Series 2

Logan High series 2 launches on BBC iplayer on Saturday 3rd November, all of series one is available now and from the 3rd you can watch all of series 2:

Catch up with the lives of the pupils of Logan High, as they navigate the highs and lows of relationship dramas, friendship fall outs, family issues, school stress and general randomness of life in a modern high school.

The stories in Logan High were devised with help from the cast. All the episodes will be streaming on BBC iplayer- series 1 is up now and series 2 will be from Saturday 3rd November.

As well as some familiar faces from last series you’ll spot some new faces too.

Joining the main cast are Maya Priestley as Izzy and Edward Hutchings as Lawrence


Returning from the previous series are; Reno Cole as Patrick, Amber Forrest as Jo, Hamish Hastie as Lachlan and Zindzi Hudson as Evie.



Finally look out for Michael Barker and Alisa Gashi who make a guest appearances: