We’re delighted announce we have signed the Green Arts Charter, a collaborative charter designed for and by cultural organisations within the Green Arts Initiative.

Since SPRINGBOARD 2023, a cohort of organisations in the Green Arts Initiative have been working together to research, develop and design a Green Arts Charter. From meetings, workshops, and ongoing feedback, four core pledges were formed around mitigation, adaptation, collaboration, community and advocating for change. These pledges are a unifying tool, that all organisations on the Green Arts Initiative can work towards. Alongside this a framework of actions has been developed, which is based on the pledges to guide an organisations environmental action planning.

The charter outlines four environmental and sustainability pledges that the network is committing too, as well as a framework of milestones that organisations can use to guide their action planning.

The pledges are:

  • We pledge to reduce our emissions and adapt to the impacts of climate change.
  • We pledge to inspire our communities and collaborate with others to deliver climate action. 
  • We pledge to advocate for climate action and influence for change.
  • We pledge to embed climate justice in our organisation and any climate action we do

You can read more about these pledges, alongside the actions organisations can take to commit to them on the Creative Carbon Scotland webpage and sign the charter here.

We’re excited to have committed to this charter and look forward to planning our actions around these pledges.

Read more and sign up to the charter on the Creative Carbon Scotland website.