We are excited to be returning to the Scottish Storytelling Centre in June 2020.

Our Friday 11-14s group will be performing Cracked by Diane Stewart.

A heatwave at the end of term. Things not quite as they seem. The feeling that something is following you… maybe it’s just the summer holidays, maybe something else? The world is looking different; you’ll need friends to help you through.

On Friday 19th and Saturday 20th at 7pm. Tickets available here.

Our Wednesday 11-14s group will be performing A Taste of Summer by Duncan Kidd

The midsummer festival. A chance to see your favourite pop star, to ask out the person of your dreams, to kidnap your idol…!!! Rival fan clubs. Young lovers. Chatty ninjas. All finding their first taste of freedom…the taste of Summer…

On Friday 19th and Saturday 20th at 9pm. Tickets available here.

Our 8-10s group will be performing Max to the Future by Tim Primrose.

Max has not done his homework. Oh no! What should Max do? Build a time machine and travel into the future, of course. Duh!

On Saturday 20th at 3pm and Sunday 21st at 11.30am. Tickets available here.