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And… And… And…. – Autumn 2023

And…And…And… by Isla Cowan

Claire has to find a job
And Cassie’s UCAS form is due
And exams are coming up
And there’s litter on the beach
And there’s bills to pay
And prejudice to fight
And essays to write
And this mess to clean up
And there’s not enough time
And the water is rising
And the trees are burning


Cassie and Claire have been best friends all their life. Now, in their final term of high school, the world weighs heavy on their shoulders: will the stresses of the future finally push their friendship to its limits?

And… And… And… is an urgent new play about the impacts of climate anxiety and the mounting pressures on young people today. Exploring the double-edged power of social media and collective action, this play asks, how do we come together when we feel so much like falling apart?

Funded by Thrive Edinburgh

Touring Edinburgh schools in September and October 2023. To book for your school, please contact Steve Small at steve@strangetown.org.uk

Public performances at the Traverse Theatre on Fri 6th & Sat 7th Oct, 8pm.
Tickets available here: https://www.traverse.co.uk/whats-on/event/and-and-and-autumn-23


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