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Trash Palace (14-18s/18-25s)

By Sam Siggs

Trash Palace: a 24hr-binge-fortress. A safe haven. A place of empathy and understanding. But after what happened last night...Let the hangover commence.


A student house.

First produced

June 2014. Directed by Ruth Hollyman.

Cast Size

Mixed cast of 21: 10 females, 11 males (includes ensemble)

Recommended for performers aged

14-18, 18-25

Running Time

60 minutes

Recommended for audiences aged


Script Extract:

VICTOR:  Oh my god!

SCOTT:   What’s wrong?

OLGA:  Do you want to tell him or should I?

VICTOR:  Oh my god though, just…oh my god.

SCOTT:  What’s the rumpus? Hurry up. It’s half past bacon time.

OLGA: It’s Brittany.


– Brittany’s Scott’s girlfriend.

– Although she only moved into the Trash Palace a month ago Scott and her have been together longer than anyone can remember.

– Since they were like ten or something

– Puke-inducing we know.

– We should probably tell you a thing or two about Brittany.

– She’s studying English lit at Edinburgh.

– Her favourite author is Helen Fielding.

– She doesn’t go to lectures much but she loves to wear her Edinburgh Uni Hoody.

– It’s comfy

– Great freedom of movement as well.

– For when she’s playing hockey.

– Or riding her horse Geraldo

– She has every right to live in the Trash Palace.

– Her Daddy owns the building after all.

SCOTT:   Okay. Is she all right?

VICTOR: You remember any of last night?

SCOTT:  Aye…Most of it. Some of it. Almost all of it.

BORIS: (Wielding his axe) I remember all of it.

GARY:  Aye, man. Vikings!

All in Viking costumes (Chanting in a faux Shaggy/Sean Paul accent. Junglist Massive)  

‘Vikings, Vikings,

Swaggering around like sexy tings,

Coming in your village, Gonna have a pillage…’

OLGA:  Do you remember when Brittany locked herself in the toilet for ages?

SCOTT:  Oh. Nup. Was she in a mood?

OLGA:   Not a mood exactly.

VICTOR:  Scott. Not sure how to tell you this. She was in there…with someone.


OLGA:  In there…with a guy.

Everyone cottons on.



Sam Siggs

Sam is an Edinburgh based playwright. In 2013 he was selected by the Traverse Theatre to be one of the Traverse 50 writers and in 2014 he was mentored by the Playwright’s Studio Scotland. Writing credits include Fringe hit Hex (co-written with Tim Primrose), The Place between Sleeping and Waking, The Little Boy from the Moon (ECA rehearsed reading and Words,Words,Words) and All I want for Christmas is the Head of Johnny Murdock. He has also written numerous plays for youth theatre and The Village Pub Theatre.

If you are interested in this script, please email James at james@strangetown.org.uk