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Haribo Wedding (14-18s/8-18s)

By Andy Edwards

Kids and grown-ups love it so…

Memories of ‘the big day’ pull tightly at the heartstrings of Niamh and her friends. After graduating high school, they plan to recreate the magic. Time for the ultimate Haribo Wedding.

As darkness falls, they gather at St Anthony’s Chapel in Holyrood Park. Back where it began, to celebrate the end … but they get more than they bargained for. If Nostalgia’s angels call, you can’t refuse the invite.

Was the Haribo Wedding ever as cute as it seemed in primary? What really happened that day? Were they the same people back then … and who were the unfortunate souls they left behind?

Award-winning playwright Andy Edwards makes their Strange Town debut with Haribo Wedding. This creeping horror about nostalgia explores how our childhood memories are the ones most susceptible to a collective self-edit.


St Anthony's Chapel, Holyrood Park, Edinburgh

First produced

June 2023; directed by Bradley Lewis Cannon


Drama, Surreal, Horror, Nostalgia

Cast Size


Recommended for performers aged

14-18, 8-18

Running Time

60 minutes

Recommended for audiences aged


Script Extract:

Act 1, Scene 1

St Anthony’s Chapel, overlooking St Margaret’s Loch.
The wedding party, frozen in the picture pose:

Niamh and Kieran, exchanging rings. Nicky and Adam, close by. Elspeth and Lottie, mid-cuddle. Jos and Flick, mid-laugh. Zoe has thrown flower petals, which hang in the air. Max has their back turned, face obscured, giving a thumbs up. All look happy, too happy.

The sun sets and Luna appears.
Under moonlight, Nostalgia’s Angels enter.


Memory          We’re the piece of a puzzle that isn’t yet made

Time              A jigsaw, re-cut, every time it is laid.

Truth               We’re the crest of a feeling, a heart-breaking wave

Hollow            All of those moments you wish you could save.

Peace             We’re gone and we’re false, here and we’re true

All                    And we’re coming for her, for him, for you.

Peace             We are nostalgia,

Hollow            Your hosts for tonight.

Truth               Angels, demons, tricks of light.

Time               Appearing before you,

Memory          When the moment is right

All                    You know our names.

Truth               Truth, who cannot hide.

Peace             Peace, who takes no side.

Time               Time, who will not sleep.

Memory          Memory; buried deep.

Hollow            And Hollow, the pain you keep.

All                    Welcome to the wedding

Memory          Tonight there’ll be three

Time               One, present

Truth               Second, past

Hollow            And don’t forget the third

Peace             Which only you can make last

Luna               Be not afraid; they mean you no harm,
For where our appearance may shock, our methods will charm.
Our interventions, though rare, come at no cost,
And all you must do, is pray for what’s lost.

Angels            (in prayer) O St Anthony, St Anthony
Your heart swells with human sympathy
Gentlest of saints, I implore you, please obtain for me …

Luna               Is that not why you meet us here,
At St Anthony’s chapel, where your city sleeps near?
With winds that howl, stars that glisten,
And your moon takes its place, to watch, and to listen.



Act 1, Scene 2

The wedding party burst into life.

All                    Kids and grown-ups love it so,
The happy world of Haribo

Elspeth           This is fucking stupid

Nicky              Elspeth, shush. Everyone still. Please.

Jos                  It’s freezing up here. Kieran?

Kieran            Where’s your jacket?

Jos                  (digging Kieran in the ribs) You’re meant to offer me yours.

Nicky              Get ready. It’s on a timer. There’s a noise.

Niamh            This is complicated. Let’s just say “cheese”

Nicky              Why don’t brides be quiet?

Lottie              Yeah, cheese sounds good to me.

Flick                You should hear it in French. Fromage.

Zoe                 Someone’s got a queso the munchies.

Nicky              Zoe. Look at the lens.

Adam              But the Haribo song resonates. We sang it then; we sing it now.

Nicky              Adam. Get back here.

Adam              I’m just saying it’s symbolic.

Max                (turning around to see the camera) What does that light mean?

A flash. The sound of a phone taking a photograph. Collective groans.

Nicky              Okay, okay. One more shot.

Jos                  No, let’s get the fire going.

Lottie              We’ve got marshmallows, right?

Niamh            Pom bears, iced gems

Zoe                 Baby bells, cheese strings

Flick                I need a Frube.

Elspeth           Anything to drink?

Max                There’s a box of capri-sun.

Elspeth           Brilliant, that’s just what I had in mind.

Adam              It’s authentic. That’s the whole point.

Kieran             Don’t worry Elspeth – booze is sorted.

Nicky              Positions. Please. Nobody move.

Jos                  My fingers are turning blue.

Elspeth           Nicky, no one cares about this dumb wedding /

Nicky              Shut up. Move an inch and you’re off the crags. Then, I’m coming to your funeral, digging up your corpse, dragging it all the way back up, the off you go again. And again. And again. Alright?

Bewildered noises of agreement.

A flash. The sound of a phone taking a photograph.

The group cheers.

If you are interested in this script, please email James at james@strangetown.org.uk

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