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Cindy (11-14s)

By Amy Drummond

A reality TV show meets contemporary panto: the classic Cinderella story brought into the modern day.

Cindy is beautiful, talented and trapped… Will she escape to follow her dreams? Is “Happily Ever After” just around the corner or out of reach forever?


A TV studio and a ‘Poundland’ shop.

First produced

December 2014. Directed by Jen Smith.

Cast Size

Mixed cast of 20-25

Recommended for performers aged


Running Time

60 minutes

Recommended for audiences aged

All ages

Script Extract:

The door re-opens and in strut SORSCHA and ANGHARAD, noses in the air…

SORSCHA: Afternoon Cindy

CINDY: Oh hi girls, are you here so I can go on a quick break? Thanks, I really appreciate it.

ANGHARAD: Ugh! As if!

SORSCHA: No, air-head, we’re here because Mummy told us to check up on you

ANGHARAD: Yah, she doesn’t trust you as far as she could throw you

SORSCHA: Yah, which isn’t very far

ANGHARAD: Yah, tubby!

They giggle and snort then float around; inspecting the shop, looking for evidence that Cindy hasn’t been working hard enough

SORSCHA: So how’s business been today?


SORSCHA: You should smile more Cindy. Your ugly face is frightening off the customers

ANGHARAD: These shelves are a mess, what have you been doing all day?

CINDY: Working!

ANGHARAD: Hmm, doesn’t look like it

SORSCHA: There are some pretty yucky looking stains on the floor here Cinds

ANGHARAD: Mmm, and the windows could do with a quick scrub

SORSCHA: Nothings in its place, I’m surprised anyone can find anything in here

ANGHARAD: Yah, best just chuck everything off the shelves and start again

She sweeps everything off and onto the floor with her forearm while Cindy looks on, open-mouthed

CINDY: It took me ages to tidy that!

ANGHARAD: I’m off to check the toilets…Mummy said she wanted them spick and span.

SORSCHA: (opening the cash register) Well, this till makes no sense whatsoever; we’re about £100 down…

CINDY: Well, that can’t be right; it’s only been me here all morning!

SORSCHA: Have you been stealing money Cindy?

CINDY: No, of course not!

SORSCHA: Someone got sticky fingers have they?


SORSCHA: Oh, mummy will not be happy about this…

Angharad re-enters, a disgusted look on her face

ANGHARAD: Urgh! Those toilets are absolutely vile! What happened in there?

CINDY: What? I cleaned them! I cleaned them as soon as Big Suze left!

ANGHARAD: Well, I’m sorry to break this to you Cindy-Poos, but someone has gone in there and had horrible, terrible, explosive diarrhoea!


ANGHARAD: ‘Fraid so sweetie, all over the walls!

CINDY: Nooooooooooo!

She runs off stage to check for herself. The sisters snigger under their breath and mess up a few more things in the shop.

ANGHARAD: Ooh, really should not have had that spicy steak bake for brekkie!

Cindy re-enters, her face says it all.

CINDY: You have to help me clean that up….please.

SORSCHA: We’d absolutely love to Cinds but unforcho we have lots of pre-arranged appointments that we couldn’t possibly get out of


CINDY: Such as…?

ANGHARAD: Hot-Stone Massages at 2

SORSCHA: French Manicures at 3

ANGHARAD: Facials at 4

SORSCH: And spray tans at 5

ANGHARAD: And then we shall be rehearsing

CINDY: Rehearsing for what?

SORSCHA: Ha! What do you think?

ANGHARAD: For the auditions of course

SORSCHA: For “Who’s Strictly Got the Talent Factor?” of course!”


Amy Drummond

Amy is a Scottish actress and presenter who studied Film, Media & Broadcast Journalism at the University of Stirling before gaining a Masters in Classical and Contemporary Text, with Merit in Acting, from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.  Amy has written 3 pieces for Strange Town so far; comedy shorts Please Give: 1 & 2 for the Young Company, about strangers meeting in a blood donation centre and Cinderella, a modern pantomime for the Youth Theatre, later adapted and retitled Cindy for its revival at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in 2014.

If you are interested in this script, please contact us.