Strange Town Youth Theatre and Screen Education Edinburgh are on the lookout for short film scripts.

We are making some 6 minute films in June 2019, with a cast of young actors from Strange Town and young filmmakers from Screen Education Edinburgh.

We would like to invite submissions of short film scripts to be considered for this project.   Whether you have written for screen before, or have always wanted to try, we would love to read your script.

Here are the criteria:

  • It needs to have 6 teenage characters (aged 14-18) who all have screen time and lines. An ensemble piece.         Nb. we have more female than male actors.
  • It should be about 6 pages/6 minutes long- no longer as out filming time is limited.
  • Ideally set in one location, Interior or exterior are both possible. Bare in mind filming will take place in Edinburgh.
  • In terms of the theme- nothing too hard hitting.

Please send your submission to no later than 6pm Thu 14th March 2019.

While there is no fee for this project, the script selected will be made into a short film that will have a screening in Edinburgh later in 2019.

You can see the films that were made last year here:

Auditions  |  The Fellowship  |  Smokin’