We are excited to be returning to the Scottish Storytelling Centre once again this June with 3 more youth theatre shows:

Monster Force Engage
Written by Tim Primrose
Directed by Catherine Ward-Stoddart
Performed by the Friday 8-10s

Mum and Dad are asleep, and something is lurking under the bed Who will battle the things that go bump in the night? Monster Force! Engage! On hand to save your bedroom, capturing Sockmonsters, Fartmonsters and more, nothing could possibly go wrong…right?

Saturday 8th June 3pm
Sunday 9th June 11.30am


Burn the Little Witches
Written by Daniel Orejon
Directed by Amy Wilson
Performed by the Friday 11-14s

Someone’s betrayed us. Burn them. Burn the little witch.
Ash fights to save her school as the council decide to close it, but rumours are rife: with only 20 pupils, someone must be leaving – but who? Once the site of witch-hunts and burnings, the creaking school hall of Dochetenny becomes a battleground for false accusations and bitter whispers. Ash tries to keep the peace but with people being denounced left, right and centre, how long until the light falls on her?

Friday 7th June 6.30pm
Saturday 8th June 8.30pm

Written by Jen McGregor
Directed by James Beagon
Performed by the Wednesday 11-14s

In 1215, in a sleepy Fife village, a quiet, anxious boy hears the voice of angels. Spurred on by his sister, poor Sholto finds himself at the head of a Children’s Crusade hoping to save the world. The adults aren’t doing anything after all and somebody needs to save them from God’s wrath…even if they’ve never set foot out of Fife before. A medieval tale of belief, anxiety, and the lingering sense of a doomed future.

Friday 7th June 8.30pm
Saturday 8th June 6.30pm