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Heart of the Storm

By James Beagon

Recommended for performers aged


Script Extract:

ALEX: Alright! Let’s all stop for a second. It’s all getting a bit Lord of the Flies here.

DANIELA: Lord of the what?

ALEX: Flies.

DANIELA: Ew, who would want to lord over some flies?

ALEX: Has no-one else done the reading for Higher English? Everyone shakes their heads.

DANIELA: Why would we do that? Next term is ages away.

ALEX: Like 2 weeks.

DANIELA: Ages away.

EVE: It’s been 3 hours. Something’s gone wrong.

ROSE: Eve–

EVE: Something’s gone wrong. Maybe she’s got lost–

ROSE: Eve, stop it! You’ll panic them.

EVE: We haven’t got any sort of a plan. We could be stuck here for who knows how long and this lot are munching their way through everything we might have to eat!

Eve grabs a bag of sweets from the nearest person, Lochrin.

ROSE: Give that back.

EVE: We might need it–

ANNIE: Eve, don’t be a–

EVE: A what? Go on! Say it!

LOCHRIN: …can I please have it back?

MAX: On your head!


AMY: Thom, you’re blocking my shot!

THOM: I’m blocking you?!

ROSE: Eve, give it back!


DANIELA: I don’t want any flies on me! Stop putting flies on me!

The room descends into shouting. Then, there’s a loud crash and the shouting stops. The room turn around to the football game; the team are gathered around Lewis, who shouts out in pain.

MAX: Lewis!

LEWIS: It hurts!

ROB: What’s up with his leg?!

JORDAN: I think I’m going to be sick-

TYREE: Stand over here.

Tyree moves to help Jordan. Freya pushes through toward them.

FREYA: Out the way! (Pointing at Jordan and Tyree) And someone get them a bowl!

EVE: Turn off the music!

FREYA: Lewis, Lewis. Can you hear me OK?


FREYA: Did you hit your head?

MAX: He’s clearly hurt his leg!

FREYA: Did you hit your head, Lewis?

LEWIS: …I don’t think so. My leg-

FREYA: I know.

ALEX: Freya, what are you doing?

FREYA: I know a bit of First Aid.

ALEX: A bit?

FREYA: It was part of DoE. We haven’t finished it yet!

The lights flicker on and off.

TYREE: Who did that?

THOM: My phone’s lost charge.

AMY: Are we on the mains?

THOM: Huh?

AMY: Is this place connected to the grid or are we on a generator?

THOM: …I didn’t check.

Freya presses Lewis’ leg.

LEWIS: OW! Stop it!

FREYA: I need to push it back before I can splint it.

ROB: You’re hurting him!

The lights go off entirely. A few scream.

LOUISE: Where’s Ms Harris?!

ROB: She’s not coming back.

JORDAN: I want to go home!

Eve turns on her phone light and illuminates herself.

EVE: OK, ENOUGH! Everyone, leave Freya alone and give her room. (Pointing to the younger ones) S1s, S2s, upstairs now and stay in your rooms together. Wrap up warm; we don’t know if the heating will stay on. (Gesturing to the rest) The rest of us, we’ll stay down here for now.

ROSE: And do what?

EVE: Figure out a proper plan.


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