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Heart of the Storm (11-14s/8-18s)

By James Beagon

When heavy snow strands a school trip the night before Christmas, the group are left to fend for themselves when their teacher leaves to find help.


Cabin in the Highlands

First produced

December 2021, directed by James Beagon


Drama - Christmas

Cast Size


Recommended for performers aged


Running Time

45 minutes

Recommended for audiences aged


Script Extract:

ALEX: Alright! Let’s all stop for a second. It’s all getting a bit Lord of the Flies here.

DANIELA: Lord of the what?

ALEX: Flies.

DANIELA: Ew, who would want to lord over some flies?

ALEX: Has no-one else done the reading for Higher English? Everyone shakes their heads.

DANIELA: Why would we do that? Next term is ages away.

ALEX: Like 2 weeks.

DANIELA: Ages away.

EVE: It’s been 3 hours. Something’s gone wrong.

ROSE: Eve–

EVE: Something’s gone wrong. Maybe she’s got lost–

ROSE: Eve, stop it! You’ll panic them.

EVE: We haven’t got any sort of a plan. We could be stuck here for who knows how long and this lot are munching their way through everything we might have to eat!

Eve grabs a bag of sweets from the nearest person, Lochrin.

ROSE: Give that back.

EVE: We might need it–

ANNIE: Eve, don’t be a–

EVE: A what? Go on! Say it!

LOCHRIN: …can I please have it back?

MAX: On your head!


AMY: Thom, you’re blocking my shot!

THOM: I’m blocking you?!

ROSE: Eve, give it back!


DANIELA: I don’t want any flies on me! Stop putting flies on me!

The room descends into shouting. Then, there’s a loud crash and the shouting stops. The room turn around to the football game; the team are gathered around Lewis, who shouts out in pain.

MAX: Lewis!

LEWIS: It hurts!

ROB: What’s up with his leg?!

JORDAN: I think I’m going to be sick-

TYREE: Stand over here.

Tyree moves to help Jordan. Freya pushes through toward them.

FREYA: Out the way! (Pointing at Jordan and Tyree) And someone get them a bowl!

EVE: Turn off the music!

FREYA: Lewis, Lewis. Can you hear me OK?


FREYA: Did you hit your head?

MAX: He’s clearly hurt his leg!

FREYA: Did you hit your head, Lewis?

LEWIS: …I don’t think so. My leg-

FREYA: I know.

ALEX: Freya, what are you doing?

FREYA: I know a bit of First Aid.

ALEX: A bit?

FREYA: It was part of DoE. We haven’t finished it yet!

The lights flicker on and off.

TYREE: Who did that?

THOM: My phone’s lost charge.

AMY: Are we on the mains?

THOM: Huh?

AMY: Is this place connected to the grid or are we on a generator?

THOM: …I didn’t check.

Freya presses Lewis’ leg.

LEWIS: OW! Stop it!

FREYA: I need to push it back before I can splint it.

ROB: You’re hurting him!

The lights go off entirely. A few scream.

LOUISE: Where’s Ms Harris?!

ROB: She’s not coming back.

JORDAN: I want to go home!

Eve turns on her phone light and illuminates herself.

EVE: OK, ENOUGH! Everyone, leave Freya alone and give her room. (Pointing to the younger ones) S1s, S2s, upstairs now and stay in your rooms together. Wrap up warm; we don’t know if the heating will stay on. (Gesturing to the rest) The rest of us, we’ll stay down here for now.

ROSE: And do what?

EVE: Figure out a proper plan.



James Beagon

Youth Theatre Manager & Director: Monday 8-18s & Wednesday 11-14s

James is a director, playwright and creative learning facilitator who has lived and worked in Edinburgh for over a decade.

He has worked with Strange Town since 2015 and has written and directed a number of Strange Town productions including Stolen Futures (Traverse Theatre, June 2019) Beneath the Surface (Traverse Theatre, June 2022), Heart of the Storm & Something Special (Scottish Storytelling Centre, Dec 2021) and Over the Waves (Traverse Theatre, June 2023). In addition to his role as Youth Theatre Manager, he leads the Monday and Wednesday youth theatre groups.

Previous credits with his own group Aulos Productions include the award-winning Fringe productions First Class (2014) and Gobland for the Goblins (2017) and the award-nominated Women of the Mourning Fields (2015) and Antigone na hEireann (2018).

James has worked extensively as a freelance drama practitioner with companies including East Lothian Youth Theatre, Lyceum Youth Theatre, Youth Theatre Arts Scotland, Theatre Sans Accents and Acting Out Drama School.

He holds an MFA in Directing from Edinburgh Napier and an M.A. (Hons) in Ancient and Medieval History from Edinburgh University and has run workshops and guest-lectured at both institutions.

If you are interested in this script, please email James at james@strangetown.org.uk