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Peter Pan & the Pirate Radio

By Beth Godfrey

An updated version of the classic Peter Pan story. Life for Peter Pan and the Lost Boys is disturbed with Captain Hook’s invention of a pirate radio station. Will taking over the airways lead to taking over Neverland?


Children’s bedroom; Neverland

First produced

December 2013. Directed by Dawn Taylor.

Cast Size

Mixed cast of 20-25

Recommended for performers aged


Running Time

60 minutes

Recommended for audiences aged

All ages

Script Extract:

PETER: Allow me to introduce the Lost Boys.

TOOTLES: I’m Tootles.

NIBS: Nibs. Pleased to meet you.

AZURA: For the record, there are a few lost girls here too. I resent the out of date generalisation. I prefer, the Lost Ones.

LOXY: Actually I think the PC term these days is ‘Disenfranchised Young People’. But that’s not quite as catchy. Hi, I’m Loxy

AZURA: Azura.

ZENA: Welcome to Never Neverland. I’m Zena.

CURLY: And you can call me Curly. Everyone else does!

PETER: And this is JM.

BARRY: Barry!

PETER: John Michael Barrymore.

NIBS: Or JM Barry.

BARRY: It’s just Barry. Ok? Barry. Now leave it. Who are you guys anyway?

WENDY: I’m Wendy Moira Angela Darling. Just Wendy.

JOANNA: I’m Joanna Napoleon Darling.

MICHELLE: And I’m Michelle Bonham-Carter Darling.

WENDY: Our parents like long names.

TOOTLES: Parents? You have parents? We have no//

JOANNA: //Where’s Nana?

NANA enters with a little black bag.

NANA: (handing the black bag to JOANNA) Sorry I had some business to attend to.

JOANNA: (disgusted) Thanks a lot.

MICHELLE: This is Nana. She’s kind of our babysitter.

TOOTLES: Is that why you have parents? Because Nana made sure you were not lost, like us?

JOANNA: You don’t have any parents? How come?

BARRY: Everyone’s story is different. They didn’t want us, or we ran away, or we were forgotten.

AZURA: None of us remember our parents.

NIBS: I used to remember being held and hugged. I miss it.

CURLY: I hug you all the time!

NIBS: It’s not the same as a mother’s hug.

PETER: That’s why I brought Wendy here. So she can be a mother for you.

WENDY: Well, I um…I don’t know about that…


Beth Godfrey

Beth has written 5 plays for Strange Town Youth Theatre and one short for the Young Company. Oxford University Press has published three of her short plays and drama lessons for their English language resource materials. As an actress she recently helped develop and perform a show with Puppet Animation Scotland and took it to France. Beth has performed with Strange Town Young Company 3 times in the Edinburgh Fringe to rave reviews, as well as in touring productions across Scotland. She performs street theatre internationally, helps devise and perform interactive, site specific theatre at festivals and dabbles with spoken word. She likes words.

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